Sunday, April 23, 2017

Entertainment for the sixth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

At the end of The resistance for the sixth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News, I promised that the next installment of the series would be about general entertainment not having to do with the election.  I should have added that it wouldn't be about holidays or John Oliver, either, as many posts covered in both installments were also entertainment entries.  Regardless, today is Sunday, time for the weekly entertainment feature, so it's the perfect occasion to fulfill my promise.

Al Jazeera America's final Emmy nominations from September 21, 2016 wasn't exactly about entertainment, as it reported on the defunct cable channel's news and documentary award nominations, but the post fits better in entertainment than anywhere else.  It was the twenty-second most read entry of the year with 1890 raw page views as of March 20, 2017.  It was also the fifth most viewed entry during October 2016, ending the month with 1724 default page views after reaching a maximum of 1825, 1852 according to the raw counter, at 7:59 PM on October 20, 2016.  It earned its page views after being shared at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, gaining 611 page views in the first hour and helping attract 708 page views to the plog that same hour.  It earned nearly 1600 page views in the first 24 hours and helped attract 2499 page views to the blog the day it was shared.

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The thirtieth most read entry of last year was Alignment charts for the 50th anniversary of 'Star Trek' from September 12, 2016 with 1379 raw page views.  The post was the second most read entry during September and the most popular actually posted that month with 1128 page views, 1233 according to the raw counter.  It also earned seven pluses to tie with "Colbert and Meyers examine the Trump Foundation" for most pluses on Google+ during September 2016.  It got those by being shared at the science fiction groups and communities on Facebook and Google+, earning 300 page views in the first two hours and 1010 page views after 24 hours.

Since no post of mine with or about alignment charts would be complete with a live or fan cover of the theme song, here are Camille and Kennerly the Harp Twins playing the themes from "Star Trek."

Identical Twins Camille&Kennerly play their electric duet harp arrangement of the STAR TREK: The Next Generation (TNG) Main Theme and The Original Series (TOS) Main Theme!
No, I couldn't wait until the end.

The thirty-fourth most read entry of the past blogging year was 'Westworld,' 'Stranger Things,' and 'Penny Dreadful' all win Golden Reel Awards, beating 'Game of Thrones' from February 24, 2017 with 1182 raw page views and 1087 default page views as of March 20, 2017.  It was the third most read for February 2017 and the most read actually posted during the month with 1010 default page views and 1019 raw page views by then end of February.  I shared it on the science fiction, fantasy, and horror groups plus the "Westworld," "Stranger Things," and "Penny Dreadful" groups on both Facebook and Google+.  The "Westworld" fans in particular provided the post its page views.  That is one enthusiastic fandom!

Three drum corps entries made the top forty last year.  I told the story of two of them in Holidays for the sixth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News.  Now it's time for the third. Drum corps goes viralfrom July 12, 2016 became the thirty-seventh most read entry of the past year with 1018 raw page views as of March 20, 2017.  I'll be a good environmentalist and recycle what I wrote in Most page views ever and other monthly meta for July 2016 to tell the post's story.
The title of "Drum corps goes viral" from July 12, 2016 became a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I shared it on the drum crops groups and communities on Facebook and Google+ and it went viral, earning 676 page views, 687 according to the raw counter, ending the month as the second most read new entry and the fifth most read overall for the month.
It wasn't only on my blog that the video went viral.  CBS in Dallas-Ft. Worth recounted some of the story in Denton High Student Gains Internet Fame For Intense Performance.

Keyboard player Anna Eberhart is in character when she plays!
Eberhart's fifteen minutes of fame continued as she appeared on the Harry Connick Jr. Show where Harry Learns How To Make The Facial Expression That Went Viral.

Viral marching band star Anna Eberhart teaches Harry her epic facial expressions!
Anna, congratulations on representing The Activity well on TV!

I called the "Westworld" fans enthusiastic.  I first found that out when I posted Evan Rachel Woods on acting in Westworld from November 1, 2016.  It ended the year with 996 raw page views to become the thirty-ninth most viewed entry of the 2016-2017 blogging year.  It was also the only post in the top forty to make two consecutive monthly top tens.  In November 2017, it came in seventh overall for the month and sixth among entries posted during the month with 261 default page views and 313 raw page views.  It was also the most retweeted entry posted during November with 4 retweets.  This might make it the most retweeted post of the past year.  In December, it ended the month in fifth overall with 524 page views, earning 881 total raw page views over two months.  I shared the post to the Westworld groups on Facebook and Google+ at the start of December, earning 494 default page views during the same 24 hours.  Along with Post-election stress disorder, which I shared at the Coffee Party Facebook page, it helped attract 2,726 page views to the blog the first day of December.  Here's to the "Westworld" fans still being enthusiastic when I start plugging the series for the Saturn Awards!

The next retrospective will be about the Flint Water Crisis, which had two posts in the top forty, one of which was briefly on the all-time top ten.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Eberhart looks like she's channeling King Joffrey there.

    The moment I saw the name Ringworld in your retrospectives list, I clicked over to read that post. It's a classic novel. But frankly I'm almost glad there seems to be no prospect of a movie. It's rare that movies do justice to really good science fiction or fantasy books. There have been three movie adaptations of I Am Legend (that I know of) and they made a mess of it each time. Movies kept fouling up Clive Barker's stories again and again until he got so exasperated he directed Hellraiser himself to show them how it's done. Dune is overrated in my opinion, but it did have a lot of good material; yet the movie was a fiasco. I don't even want to think of what Hollywood would do to The Mote in God's Eye. And thank goodness no one will ever have the guts to film William Barton. Unless they're going to take the trouble to get it right, they should just leave the literature alone. Most of the best SF movies are original stories, not adaptations.

    (I'm excluding anime adaptations of manga here, of course. The Japanese seem to know how to do this stuff.)

    1. Lots of people thought exactly the same thing about her. The thing is she was going for deranged, not villainous.

      Thanks for demonstrating me that linking to related retrospectives from previous years is worth doing. That one of them inspired you so much was heartening to read.

      As for your gripe about Hollywood screwing up film adaptations of science fiction, I blame that on star power and the executives idea of the kinds of endings that movies need to get box office. The original ending of "I Am Legend" is not one that is a happy one for the original form of humanity, so more palatable ones had to be devised. Also, the past two leads have both been action heroes, Charlton Heston and Will Smith, which may bring in viewers for box office but leads to emphasizing action over thought. In addition, the movie adaptations have made things progressively worse for themselves, as the original work was intended as a scientific explanation for vampires, but ended up becoming the basis for the modern science fiction zombie. Therefore, all the zombie apocalypse tropes became incorporated in the most recent movie version. I suspect that a more faithful adaptation would have to be on television, where the economic and artistic pressures are different. See the SyFy Channel version of "Dune" and Fox's "Wayward Pines" for examples of how that might turn out.

      "The Japanese seem to know how to do this stuff." They have a lot more practice, and, again, they're usually doing this on television, not in the theaters.

  2. PS Sorry to rant -- this happens to be one of my prime-rant-worthy topics.

    PPS I did like the harp twins.

    1. I don't mind your rants. It was intelligent and on-topic and clearly expressed your point of view. If I have more comments like that, my comments section would be a wonderful place for thoughtful responses.

      I'm glad you like the Harp Twins. I've used them twice before when I posted alignment charts. Apropos of that second link, Camille and Kennerly are such Walking Dead fans that they got themselves cast as zombies on the Season 6 finale.

  3. Thanks!

    I've seen those "alignment charts" around, but I don't really get them. I guess they're a D&D thing.

    Gotta love musicians who quote Plato.

    It's a little disappointing that zombies have become the monster-of-choice for current horror. Vampires seem much more interesting, having minds of their own. The ones in I Am Legend did.

    1. You're welcome.

      Yes, those are a D&D thing. I used to play D&D, so I like them.

      Who's quoting Plato? Eberhart?

      Vampires are more interesting, and there is a vampire apocalypse genre with "The Strain" and "Van Helsing" on TV and "Daybreakers" in the movies, but vampires also show up in urban fantasy as objects of romance. Thank you, "Twilight." However, their intelligence actually works against some of the cultural and artistic uses of zombies, which require them to be brainless and dehumanized. I discuss those uses in The Archdruid and his readers on zombies, More from the Archdruid and his readers on zombies, part 1, Science fiction speaks to our current anxieties and After zombies and vampires, what's next? As you can see, I've examined zombies extensively.

    2. Sorry, I must have missed this comment when you posted it. The Harp Twins Game of Thrones video (at your link) ends with a quote from Plato -- "The measure of a man is what he does with power."

      It's easy to imagine vampires as "objects of romance" when they look like Robert Pattinson. Their original appearance, exemplified by Nosferatu, not so much. Zombies, at least, generally remain true to their reanimated-rotting-corpse roots, making the ZILF a rarity (Deadgirl is the only case that comes to mind). But considering how actual zombies would probably smell, I guess it's a moot point.

    3. Ah, thanks for the clarification. Yes, that's an appropriate quote given the source material and it's one that makes me think even better of the Harp Twins.

      I can think of one other ZILF, 'Warm Bodies,' which I reviwed in Love, zombies, and marching bands on Valentines Day. Well, the "I" wouldn't apply to us, but to a teen girl. For examples that do, I think that "iZombie" and "White Trash Zombie Apocalypse" might.

    4. Actually that makes three examples. Yes, I've devoted a lot of my blogging to zombies.

      Also reviewed, not reviwed. I must not have been paying attention to Spellcheck.

  4. I'm a big fan of horror movies, and especially of a good vampire movie. While there are tons of cheap crap vampire movies out there, there are is also a wide array of great vampire movies that, best of all, vary greatly from one film to another. The trouble with making a top ten list for vampire is that some people like vampire comedies, others like the strange surreal vampire films, while others want blood and guts an the scariest movie they can find.

    1. This is probably the best-disguised, most on-topic (at least in terms of the comments) spam I've seen in eight years, so it stays. Congratulations!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. While Australia is among the top ten countries that read this blog, that's not enough to let me keep this spam. Find the entry about a Party City store and post this spam there. I'm deleting it here.

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    1. "I in finding it very bothersome to inform the reality then again I will surely come again again." LOL, you're a fine one to comment on my spelling errors when you write "in" instead of "am" and repeat yourself: "again again." I guess English isn't your first language. What is it, Hindi?

      Just for that, I'm leaving your comment and its on-topic spam link for comedy value.