Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meta: Nablopomo


April's theme for daily blogging: SPROUT. There's always the concrete route -- Brussels sprouts, bean sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts can make their way into cooking posts. But then there are the off-shoots: kids sprouting up and how that makes you feel; flowers sprouting in gardens and what you're noticing on your daily walks; ideas sprouting in your mind. Beyond that, the word "sprout" has ties to the words strew, scatter, and spread -- so what new ideas are you going plant this month? What images will sprout forth from your blog?
Yes, I've decided to make this my primary blog for April's National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. What is Nablopomo?

Essentially, it's a group of people who have committed to updating their blogs once a day for an entire month.

Normally, I'd be posting my Nablopomo entries over at my LiveJournal. However, since this month's theme lends itself to posts about food and renewal, which are just as much the themes of this blog as the politics and economics of overpopulation and collapse, I'll be making my daily posts here for next month.

I have other motives. First, I want to see how the other bloggers react to a politics of food blog among all their cooking blogs. I think the reaction will be morbidly entertaining.

Muahahahahaha! What are you looking at? Back to reading!

Also, with the tracking tools here, I'll finally see how useful having my blog on Nablopomo's blogroll really is. I already know how important posting at Clusterfuck Nation is--very!

Speaking of tracking tools, here's the most amusing search term used so far to find this blog:

humans vs zombies michigan state university

Looks like this blog has already been swept up in the fear of the zombie apocalypse. So, what's next in search terms--2012?

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