Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Motie News from Detroit: Video report on Census

Detroit Where the Weak are Killed and Eaten

I know I promised you all an update on the Census last night; instead, I decided to play a game of Civilization with my wife. (I can't be all SRS BZNS all the time).  I achieved a space race victory in 1983.  If humans had done that in real life, we'd have already reached Alpha Centauri by now.   For my troubles, I received a ranking of "Ivan the Terrible"--probably the worst of the competent leaders listed in the game.  That's what I get for playing on Chieftain.

Enough about losing myself in fantasy.  Time to snap back to reality.  Oh there goes gravity...

The Detroit Free Press has a series of articles on the subject (scroll down and look at all the latest links; even I find the number amazing), that I'll get around to analyzing all the rest of this week. Right now, I don't have the time to do even one of them justice.  I'll be lazy and let the WXYZ do the talking for me.  This is also a test of how video embeding works here.  Here goes nothing.

Looks like I managed to kill two birds with that stone.  Time to go to work.

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