Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Agent Smith takes advantage of a teachable moment


Yesterday, I had just defined "pest" as part of a lecture on agriculture and the food supply when one of my students pointed out that, to all the other species on the planet, humans would be the pests. What, would you like me to recite Agent Smith's "Humans are a virus" speech? He said yes. OK, does anyone here have any dark glasses?

Yes, I actually did a paraphrase of the monologue in character, down to the slow, drawn out speech patterns. It was accurate enough, or entertaining enough, that the students applauded at the end. I do hope they got the point.

The irony of this speech is that Smith himself became a virus in the next two movies.

I promised you all my comments on post-apocalyptic science fiction. The Matrix movies qualify. Better yet, the catastrophes repeat in cycles, just like the ones the Moties experience. Never thought you'd see that connection, did you?

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