Thursday, June 23, 2011

Transformation Detroit, when Business as Usual attempts sustainability

I know I promised more on the Kroger in Royal Oak, but there's another current news item about the sustainability of Detroit from a Business as Usual perspective going on right now--Transformation Detroit. What is it? As this article on MLive puts it:
This is the story Detroit wants the world to hear. Jonathan Oosting of is one of more than 50 journalists participating in Transformation Detroit, a three-day media briefing facilitated by the Detroit Regional News Hub that aims to highlight innovative revitalization efforts in the city.
For a sampling of the stories Detroit wants the world to know, read the Detroit Regional News Hub's news blog, or you can watch these two videos from WXYZ on the event.

I'm glad the powers that be are interested in sustainability, but I much prefer Model D's perspective of "Optimism, but not Business as Usual."

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