Friday, May 13, 2011

Meta on yesterday's post about Troy's library

A brief note now that Blogger is back up.

I crossposted yesterday's post, "Save the library, save Troy", to Daily Kos and Michigan Liberal. Both copies were more successful than the original here, where, because of the outage, Blogger records that yesterday's entry has no views.  To be fair, before the outage, it had about 11, but all record of those views has been erased.

The copy at Daily Kos received 31 recommendations, 11 comments, and 87 views just from registered members alone, and made the recommended list. It was also republished to four groups there, by Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter, Michigan, My Michigan, Class Warfare Newsletter: The Plutocracy VS the Working Class, and Readers and Book Lovers. The first two were my doing, but the latter pair of groups were by other readers. I'm quite flattered, as one of my diaries has never been so widely distributed.

The copy at Michigan Liberal garnered an honor none of my writings has never experienced before at a site where I don't have admin priviledges--it was promoted to the front page.

Maybe I should post more of my material over at those two sites.


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