Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nablopomo for May: Maybe

Hi bloggers,

May's theme for daily blogging: MAYBE. Maybe can sound like a wishy-washy word, a non-commitment. It can show ambivalence, being of two minds about something. Or maybe can also be seen as a word embodying potential -- maybe looks to the future, to possibilities, to things that may happen. May is a great month for exploring future wishes as well as looking at the words as they scroll across the screen, planning how you'll move them from "maybe" to "yes." Images can explore the unknown, things that may be.

As always, bloggers planning on posting every day in May who would like to be on the blogroll can go here and follow the directions at the top of the page. The "official" April May badge is here, but please feel free to create your own and add it to the comments there for others to share.
While I found that blogging about sustainability every day of this past month to be brutal and also found out that I didn't get much traffic from NaBloPoMo (I recall three hits from the Blogroll page, in contrast to at least 45 from LiveJournal, 49 from Facebook, 85 from Google, and 282 from Kunstler's blog), I still registered this blog on NaBloPoMo's May 2011 blogroll, where it is currently the only blog listed under politics. The theme works well for the future orientation of this blog, both in terms of examining sustainability-related trends (politics, economics, environment, and society) as well as the science-fiction subtext.

Besides, if I registered my Dreamwidth journal there, I'd have to name it. Somehow, I don't think "Neon Vincent's Massage Parlour" would go over well on a site that is an outgrowth of BlogHer.

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