Thursday, February 16, 2012

The GOP Circus returns to town

The elephants came to Michigan for a debate last November, which produced one of the epic fails of the campaign so far. However, that was only for one night. The remaining four candidates have returned to Michigan, this time for two weeks until the primary on February 28th. WXYZ on YouTube reports.

GOP Contenders Campaign In Michigan

While the candidates themselves have just arrived, their campaigns have been active here for weeks. Ron Paul's campaign has been canvassing since the middle of January, when I found a flyer from the Michigan campaign chair on my door. Also, Newt Gingrich's campaign was running ads at the beginning of the month. However, those aren't the candidates WXYZ has been covering. Instead, the station is devoting its airtime to the two front-runners, Romney and Santorum. Native son Romney, who grew up in Oakland County, is getting marquee treatment, both from the station and the local GOP establishment. In fact, Governor Snyder endorsed him, as shown in this WXYZ clip.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder endorsed Mitt Romney as he visits Michigan.

Romney even sat down for an interview with WXYZ's Val Clark.

Val Clark talks one on one with Mitt Romney.

Romney may be the native son, but Rick Santorum is the front-runner, so he gets his own segment.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum appeared in Michigan to campaign.

Looks like The Froth has risen to the top again.

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