Monday, February 20, 2012


Recyclemania 2012 is going on. Here are two stories I included about the competition, one of which I posted in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday on Daily Kos.

Michigan State University is participating in RecycleMania, an annual eight-week recycling competition between more than 600 colleges and universities across the United States. Learn more at
That one didn't make the cut for Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Michigan and Arizona Week 1 edition), although it should have. The next one was posted in Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Darwin's Birthday 2012 edition).

Colorado State University: RecycleMania 2012
February 7, 2012
The annual collegiate recycling tournament "RecycleMania" kicks off Feb. 5 and will run through March 31. Colorado State will compete among hundreds of universities and colleges across the country and the world.

RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to promote recycling and waste-reduction practices on campus.

Over an 8-week period, schools will report recycling and trash data on a weekly basis, competing in these tournament contests:
  • the highest overall recycling rate (Grand Champion),
  • the largest amount of recyclables per person (Per Capita Classic), and
  • the least amount of trash per capita (Waste Minimization).

Nearly 550 schools from the United States and Canada are signed up for the 2012 competition.
There are community colleges participating. I'll see if I can get the one I teach at to participate next year.

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