Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Super Bowl ads about Michigan

After reading and watching the controversy over both Chrysler's ad featuring Clint Eastwood and Pete Hoekstra's ad that was made by the same people who created "Demon Sheep" and "I'm not a witch," I thought I should write a post titled "A tale of two ads." It turns out that my Facebook friend Scotty Urb at Michigan Liberal beat me to it.
You've probably seen (or at least heard about) these ads by now, but in case you haven't, click the links below (embedding won't seem to work):
Halftime in America
Debbie SpendItNow
One is a hopeful look at the spirit of Detroit and the spirit of America. The other has embroiled the controversy-prone Hoekstra in yet another bitter controversy.
For more at Michigan Liberal, there's Pete Hoekstra calls Asian-baiting ad a "home run" and Hoekstra ad costs him support from within his own party, as well as the first two items in Links for the commute home. Hoekstra and his advertising people apparently forgot that there are Chinese-American elected officials in Michigan who are Republicans. At least one of them is not happy with him. As Rick Perry would say, "oops."

ETA: The Debbie SpendItNow video has been taken down.  Here's an embed of what I agree is a Racist Pete Hoekstra SuperBowl ad.

With ads like this, no wonder Asian-Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

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