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U.S. Constitution Party Presidental Candidate Virgil Goode

U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan announces candidates
Washtenaw County Elections 2010 Examiner
In a press release issued late Tuesday afternoon in an email from their State Party Chair Bill Mohr, the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan announced their slate of candidates for the general election in November. The Taxpayers Party nominated 27 candidates for federal, state, and local offices. Of those, twelve will appear on ballots in Washtenaw County, including the party's nominees for President, Vice-President, U.S. Senator, State Supreme Court, and the state's four educational governance boards.

The Taxpayers Party nominated a full slate of eight candidates for the four boards supervising statewide K-12 education and Michigan's three research universities. They are the only party other than the Democrats and Republicans to have nominated complete slates of two candidates for each of the four boards.

The Taxpayers Party nominated their slate at their state convention in Lansing Township on June 16th. They were the fourth Michigan political party to either endorse or nominate their candidates after the Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians. The Natural Law Party will hold a meeting in July and the Republicans will hold their convention in September.
Details about the twelve candidates that will be on the statewide ballot, as well as the names of the candidates of the other parties that have already been nominated or endorsed (everyone but the Natural Law Party and the Republicans) at the link in the headline. Check out the candidate for Michigan Supreme Court; she looks like someone who is actually qualified.  I just wonder how a party to the right of both the Libertarians and Republicans managed to attract her.

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