Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yesterday in Science Fiction Political Theater

It looks like I coined a phrase when I typed "Science Fiction Political Theater" as part of the title of yesterday's post. A Google search shows that I'm the only person to use it as a complete unit (the other result was dismissing an Arab proposal as "science fiction. Political theater" which is the same search string, but not the same usage; the period makes a difference), making yesterday's entry a first. That's the good news.

The bad news is that when I made the snarky comment that "Arnold Schwarzenegger can't have all the fun," the comparison to the Governator was a little too apt. After all, he was the hero in both the movie and the California Recall. That's right, he got to star in both the original and the real-world remake. So when Scott Walker ended up being the star of yesterday's political drama, he got the benefit of being the protagonist instead of the antagonist. Phooey. The real protagonists were Wisconsin's voters, but they didn't get the star billing. Too bad. That's the meme that needs to take hold.

At least there was a consolation prize in yesterday's vote for the Democrats; they got the majority back in the state senate.
State Senate - District 21 - Special General
60 of 60 Precincts Reporting - 100%
Name               Party Votes Vote %
Lehman, John       Dem   36,255 51%
Wanggaard, Van (i) GOP   35,476 49%
Wisconsin is no longer effectively a one-party state. Too bad the same can't be said about Michigan.

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