Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keith Olbermann fired from Current TV

For a summary of reaction around the web, I'll be a good environmentalist and recycle what I posted to political_wank on JournalFen.
The oft-dismissed sportscaster and political commentator lost another job, as today he was fired by Current TV and . In response, Keith Olbermann has threatened to sue. In the comments to the Politico articles linked above, conservatives gloat while trolling Keith's fans. The exchanges are very wanky.

Meanwhile, over at the liberal blogosphere, where it's more difficult for conservatives to troll, fans are mourning. PoliticusUSA is indignant and the commenters are taking Keith's side. At Daily Kos, the post has 650+ comments and counting, including a thread of Babylon 5 references.

Surprisingly, ontd_political on LJ is giving a more balanced response. Let's see how long that lasts.

ETA: For bonus wankiness, at Huffington Post, the main article on the subject has 9,000 comments both approved and pending.
I'm disappointed but not terribly surprised. I've been a fan of Keith's since he was the sports anchor for KTLA TV 5 in Los Angeles almost 25 years ago, which means I remember when the station fired him after less than a year. Therefore, his being let go from Current is just par for the course, although I'd been hoping he'd last longer than he did. As for what this means to me, my wife and I switched from cable to Direct TV just so we could watch Current. Now that Olbermann is no longer working for the station, we have no reason to renew our contract. After it expires, we will go back to the cable company.

I'll let Keith himself have the last word with this segment from the final Countdown he did on Current.

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