Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nablopomo for March: Whether

From Nablopomo on BlogHer
So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?


It's actually whether... and it's weather... since both words fit with the season. March is a transitional month, bringing either warmer weather for the northern hemisphere or colder air for those down south. Being transitional means that there are a lot of whethers to your day: whether to wear a coat or not, whether to spend your time outside or in front of the computer, or whether to sign up for these summer/winter plans or that.

Some people love the open possibilities inherent in the word "whether" and others find the lack of concreteness terrifying. Whichever way you swing, this is a great month to explore why you feel the way you do; if you embrace or run screaming from the "whethers" of life.
NaBloPoMo is what you make of it. At its core, all you need to do is post daily on your blog. The point of NaBloPoMo is not to be restricted by the theme, but instead to either take it or leave it. If you'll do better blogging every day based on what's happening in your world, throw aside the daily prompts.

So start thinking about how you feel about the uncertainty of whether.
This will be easy, as I blog about weather regularly. Even easier, I have multiple sources for it. WXYZ on YouTube has frequent if irregular local weather features, but is very good for any kind of extreme event. WOOD-TV 8 posts their weather reports reliably on their YouTube channel at least once a day, if not more. If all else fails, there are Next Media Animation's Weather Girls. Besides, if the weather is boring, there is always the "whether." Choices and chances about the present and future abound! The big problem will be posting every day, not finding something to post about.

Speaking of weather, that snowstorm I was dreading turned out to be a complete dud. One inch of snow fell overnight instead of the four or more predicted and it all melted by the end of the day. Tonight, on the other hand, was more interesting--a thunderstorm to usher out February and herald March. In like a lion, indeed!

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