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Michigan Sierra Club endorses candidates from City Council up to President
Among all the endorsements reported during the past few weeks, such as those of the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Detroit Free Press, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club also issued its endorsements. The conservation group's recommendations might be the most comprehensive announced so far, ranging from Ann Arbor City Council up to President, along with candidates at all levels in between.

Nine of the Sierra Club's endorsed candidates are on the primary ballot in Washtenaw County. They include Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan House Representatives Jeff Irwin and David Rutledge, candidates for Michigan House Gretchen Driskell and Adam Zemke, and Ann Arbor City Council candidates Sumangala “Sumi” Kailasapathy, Sally Hart Petersen, John “Jack” Eaton, and Vivienne Armentrout.

Kailaspathy, Eaton, and Armentrout noted the Sierra Club's support during a candidate forum hosted by the Ann Arbor Democratic Party, which the Ann Arbor Chronicle described in two articles and a comment, all dated July 18th.

The National Sierra Club also endorsed President Obama, who will be on ballots in Washtenaw County this November.
For the photos that accompany this article, I refer the reader to The Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club's endorsed candidates on the ballot in Washtenaw County. I also included the video from the previous post with that article. To avoid duplication, I'm illustrating this entry with Sally Hart Petersen driving home her point about open space.

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