Monday, July 30, 2012

Last week's weather news from Nebris

Normally, I'd be posting a summary of last week's climate news from Overnight News Digest: Daily Kos. Because of the emphasis I put on the Olympics, I just didn't collect enough on my own.  However, my friend Nebris posted a summary of his own at his LiveJournal and I'm taking the liberty (with advance notice to Nebs) of reblogging it.  Thanks, Nebs!

Follow over the jump for the summary.


  1. Funny thing is, I simply copy/pasta'd this 'as is' from the Yahoo Weather page. No collecting or editorial selection whatsoever.

    1. Serendipity in action then. I'll take it as the universe speaking to you (and me, by extension), which means it's a great example of "found news."