Thursday, May 18, 2023

George Santos evades expulsion, for now

The next step in George Santos being criminally charged almost happened yesterday, as MSNBC reported House Republicans stall effort to expel George Santos from Congress.

Instead of an up-or-down vote on whether to expel George Santos, Republicans voted along party lines to kick the issue over to the House Ethics Committee—which is already investigating Santos. Congresswoman Becca Balint joins Chris Hayes to discuss.
I'm repeating what I wrote earlier this month.
Kevin "Pickled Tongue" McCarthy and Elise Stefanik aren't going to ask for Santos to resign. They care about his vote more than the dignity and integrity of the House of Representatives. We're stuck with Santos until he either loses re-election or resigns upon conviction (this includes a plea deal, which wouldn't surprise me in the least). Sigh.
Being expelled wasn't among the outcomes I foresaw and this vote shows I was right by not including it. It's not happening.

As for the second Republican Representative Chris Hayes asked Becca Balint about, Paul Gosar, I'm surprised I haven't mentioned him on this blog before. It's about time I did and I should write more about him. Stay tuned.

I close by repeating Representative Balint's question, what has happened to this nation?

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