Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Stephen Colbert returns to examine Fox News firing Tucker Carlson plus Seth Meyers takes one more closer look before the writers strike

There was a notable absence from both Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News and Seth Meyers takes more closer looks at Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News, Stephen Colbert. He returned Monday night and caught up on last week's news in Why Tucker Got Fired | Angry Fox Viewers Turn to Newsmax | Brits: DeSantis Is No Star.

Stephen unlocks clues to the mystery of Tucker Carlson’s firing and the ratings fallout that ensued, and looks at reactions to the Florida governor’s trip overseas.
Colbert's audience cheered nearly as loud for Carlson's firing as when he told them about Trump's indictment. LOL, show the viewers what you really think. Speaking of which, hearing that "Russian state media," specifically Russia Today, publicly offered Carlson a job shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. I didn't think they would be that brazen, but they were. As I wrote more than a decade ago, "Russia Today loves to broadcast dissenting American voices" and Carlson qualifies. The only problem is that Russia Today is blocked in the U.S., so Carlson won't be reaching his target (pun intended) audience. Ah, too bad.

Colbert couldn't resist making a joke about Joe Biden's age when bringing up Biden declaring he's running for re-election. That's O.K. Biden can take a joke.

My reaction to Colbert calling Ron DeSantis, "a broken robot in the hall of never-gonna-be presidents" was I see what you did there.

I couldn't resist a meme/gif from a Disney movie.

I'm returning to Colbert after Fox Hosts Scared They Could Be Fired After Tucker, Paranoid About "Snitches": A Closer Look from "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Seth takes a closer look at Fox News reportedly being gripped by paranoia and fear as on-air personalities worry they could be next to go after last week's surprise ouster of Tucker Carlson.
I used to enjoy watching Maria Bartiromo on CNBC during the early 2000s, so it pains me to see what's she's become now. I miss that version of her. On the other hand, I prefer watching comedians do impressions of Jeanine Pirro. If she goes off the air, I won't miss her, just laughing at her.

Meyers is right about the contrast between Biden and the Republicans; he has to re-use a couple of clips while the Republicans create new material all the time. Speaking of which, he had fun with DeSantis's bobblehead and deer-in-the-headlights reaction to falling behind Donald Trump in the polls, although he resisted the obvious Disney reference. Maybe he should have made one for Universal Studios, who is his employer.

He closed with a mention about the WGA strike. Colbert had an entire segment about it, Future News Jokes Now…Just In Case.

Stephen shares some thoughts on what could be ahead for The Late Show and peeks into the future for news stories that might come across his desk in the coming weeks.
We'll see if those predictions come true, but it will be a while before we hear jokes about them from Colbert, Meyers, or any of the rest of the late-night talk-show hosts, because the writers are now on strike. That means no more comedy posts about the news (unless the hosts are guests on news shows) and no more "Saturday Night Live" highlights on Sunday until the strike is resolved. Darn. I'll figure out something else for the Sunday entertainment feature. In the meantime, stay tuned for Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Revenge of the Sixth. I love holidays!

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