Tuesday, May 2, 2023

CNBC explains 'Why Traffic Can't Be Solved With More Highway Lanes,' a driving update

Snow Bear passed another milestone yesterday, so it's time for a driving update. First, the big picture from CNBC, Why Traffic Can't Be Solved With More Highway Lanes.

Traffic and congestion has been worsening in American cities for decades. What to do about it divides opinion. Some say cities need more of everything: widened roads, public transit, and better urban design and planning. Some say however that widening roads won't solve traffic. Some economists, for example, argue that congestion pricing is the only way to reduce traffic. The solution is politically controversial though. Though it is implemented in cities like London and Singapore, attempts to implement it in America cities such as New York have incurred a lot of pushback.
I've examined all these issues in previous driving updates, including congestion pricing and the return of driving as the pandemic came and is now subsiding. Still, it's good to have it all in one video.

That's the big picture. Follow over the jump for my personal driving update plus a retrospective of the top driving update during last year, which was also the most commented entry of the year.

Snow Bear's odometer passed 11,000 miles on Monday, May 1, 2023, 167 days since her odometer rolled past 10,000 miles on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. That translates to 5.99 miles per day, 182.63 miles per standard month, and 2,186.35 miles per year. That's much more than the 3.56 miles per day, 108.54 miles per standard month, and 1,298.23 miles per year my wife and I drove her between February 7, 2022 and November 15, 2022. I expected as much in PBS NewsHour reports 'Pedestrian deaths in U.S. reach highest level in 40 years,' a driving update, when I observed that my miles on Pearl decreased becuase I was "driving Snow Bear more because of winter weather. That should show up when I post Snow Bear's update this spring." As I predicted, it did.

Normally, I'd look at my family's driving on both cars, but I'm saving that for Pearl's next driving update. Instead, I'm looking back at the top driving update post as well as the most commented on entries during the 2022-2023 blogging year.

I shared U.S. traffic deaths reached nearly 43,000 in 2021, the most in 16 years, a driving update from November 2, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, then Infidel753 shared the link at his blog. Between the two, it earned 582 default and 776 raw page views during November 2022, enough for third according to the former and fourth according to the latter, but third among entries posted during November 2022. The entry earned a total of 996 raw page views during 2022 and ended the blogging year with 1,035 raw page views, ranking it 22nd among entries posted during the 2022-2023 blogging year and 31st overall.

The above image helped inspire Infidel753 and me to leave six comments, the most on any post last year. That's incentive to maintain this practice, so I'll resume it when I post Pearl's next driving update.

Democrats are trying to rearrange the dates of their primaries and caucuses to make them more representative, a 'Groundhog Day' story from February 3, 2023 tied for second most comments with five from Infidel753 and me. Blogger's anti-spam efforts annoyed me to respond: It had three comments, but Blogger or whoever else has that power marked Infidel753 as spam after I replied to it, so I had to approve it so it could be visible again. I told Infidel this, then Blogger marked one of my comments as spam, so I had to approve it so it, too, could be visible again. I expressed my annoyance, so it now has five.

New 'Fear the Walking Dead' promo from August 10, 2015 accrued five comments from a bunch of spammers and me. It wouldn't be a comment retrospective without including a spamtrap entry from the back catalog and here it is.

I covered the next entry in PBS Terra asks 'Can Green Energy Make The Grid SAFER?'

PBS Terra explains 'Here's EXACTLY What to Do When the Next Megaquake Hits: Cascadia Subduction Zone' from October 19, 2022 earned 5 comments from Infidel753, SickoRicko, and me to tie for the second most comments on a post during the twelfth year of this blog. Kevin G. also tweeted the link on October 26, 2022. My retweet on November 8, 2022 earned 305 impressions (most for November 2022) and 3 total engagements, all likes (tied for most during November 2022). Kevin's original tweet earned a like, a retweet, and 1 reply in 1 thread.
The last is an entry I included in WatchMojo's 'Top 20 Stores That Don't Exist Anymore' for Throwback Thursday, tales of the Retail Apocalypse.

Jon Perr shared Retail Archaeology thinks 'The End Is Near' for Sears and Kmart, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse, posted March 23, 2022, at Crooks and Liars during March 2022...Being shared at Crooks and Liars brought in emjayjay, Buzzcook, and Bruce.desertrat to comment on the post, resulting in five comments, tied for second most comments during the blogging year, most comments during March 2022, and most commenters who weren't spammers.
Now for a related post that earned its impressions and engagement on Twitter, CNBC and PBS report record overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2021 from May 14, 2022 and tweeted by me on July 3, 2022 was the most viewed tweet during July 2022 with 4,215 impressions, second most for any tweet with a link to this blog during the 2022-2023 blogging year. and 30 total engagements, including 22 link clicks (most during July 2022), 4 detail expands (most during July 2022), 2 replies in their own threads (tied for most threads during July 2022), 1 like, and 1 profile click (tied for most during July 2022).

Tomorrow will probably be a comedy update followed by a string of holidays. Stay tuned.

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