Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day with National Day Calendar, 8SA, and News Center Maine

Happy Paul Bunyan Day! I'm observing the with two videos, beginning with National Day Calendar's National Paul Bunyan Day | June 28.

Described as a giant and a lumberjack of unusual skill, Paul Bunyan is one of the most famous North American folklore heroes. In the tales, Paul Bunyan was almost always accompanied by his companion, Babe the Blue Ox.
8SA has more in What is Paul Bunyan Day (June 28) - Activities and Why We Love and Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day.

I'm glad that the video mentioned Michigan's role in the Paul Bunyan legend, as my adopted home state is where Paul Bunyan first appeared in print, although the legend itself says that the character was born in Maine. News Center Maine made that the focus of It's National Paul Bunyan Day!

Bangor Historical Society Curator Matt Bishop told NEWS CENTER Maine Bunyan has deep ties to Maine's logging history.
Oh, my, Bangor created a birth certificate for Paul Bunyan. That's going the extra mile to support the legend.

Once again, happy Paul Bunyan Day!

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