Monday, June 19, 2023

TED-Ed asks 'What is Juneteenth, and why is it important?'

Happy Juneteenth! I begin today's observance with a serious question, as TED-Ed asks What is Juneteenth, and why is it important? - Karlos K. Hill and Soraya Field Fiorio.

Get to know the history of Juneteenth, a commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War.
At the end of the Civil War, though slavery was technically illegal in all states, it still persisted in the last bastions of the Confederacy. This was the case when Union General Gordon Granger marched his troops into Galveston, Texas on June 19th and announced that all enslaved people there were officially free. Karlos K. Hill and Soraya Field Fiorio dig into the history of Juneteenth.

Lesson by Karlos K. Hill and Soraya Field Fiorio, directed by RĂ©mi Cans, Atypicalist.
That's the very serious history. MSNBC shows how Americans celebrate Juneteenth across U.S..

Americans are celebrating Juneteenth, marking the day in 1865 enslaved people in Galveston, Texas found out they had been freed. NBC News’ Marissa Parra reports from Georgetown, where parades and events are underway.
That's more fun. Speaking of fun, follow over the jump for music and a drink to celebrate the holiday.

Since I'm a marching music fan, I'm sharing The Aristocrat of Bands performs at the White House for the first ever Juneteenth event from Tennessee State University.

Turn up the volume. C-SPAN didn't mic the band well.

Today is also World Martini Day. Since red velvet cake is a traditional Juneteenth dish, I'm sharing Tipsy Bartender's Red Velvet Cake Martini again.

For red velvet cake lovers everywhere!

That concludes today's celebration, but not the string of holiday posts. Not only will I be observing American Eagle Day, World Giraffe Day, National Seashell Day, and the Summer Solstice, but also World Rainforest Day and Detroit-style Pizza Day for ten consecutive holidays. Stay tuned!

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