Tuesday, June 27, 2023

CityNerd lists 'Ten Lovely Cities You Can Migrate To and (Maybe) Survive Climate Havoc'

I found a new take on 'How Climate Change Will Reshape Where Americans Live' from CityNerd, who listed Ten Lovely Cities You Can Migrate To and (Maybe) Survive Climate Havoc.

Since I started making videos about affordable walkability and underrated urbanism, I've gotten several requests to do something specifically around small and mid-sized cities. Well, this video isn't EXACTLY that, but it's adjacent!

It turns out, if my brazen misapplication of the EPA's Climate Resilience Screening Index is to be believed, small and mid-sized cities are going to be pretty good performers under trying climate conditions. So, if you were to pack up all your stuff and move to a place that had the least risk / most resilience, and was STILL a legitimate city, what city would it be? Well, this video has ten ideas for you. Ignore them at your peril!
This is an entirely different list of climate havens than I've shared before. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't include cities in Michigan, although it does include Duluth, Minnesota, so the Great Lakes have a destination. I'm a bit surprised at all the locations in the western interior. So were a lot of the viewers, who pointed out the potential issues with water supply for a lot of these towns. It turns out that a lot of the small cities have adequate water, at least for now. Just the same, many of those cities are places I might like to retire to for reasons having more to do with the present climate than the future climate. That they would be good places to live in the future would be a bonus.

This concludes today's look at how to survive climate change. Stay tuned for Paul Bunyan Day.

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