Friday, June 23, 2023

Michigan celebrates the third Detroit-Style Pizza Day

Happy National Detroit-Style Pizza Day! I begin with WNEM in Saginaw, Flint, Midland, and Bay City's Friday is National Detroit-Style Pizza Day!

WNEM's website has the story.
Celebrate one of Detroit’s greatest contributions on Friday, June 23. It is National Detroit-Style Pizza Day, recognizing the iconic square-cut pizza.

The Detroit-style pizza, born in the birthplace of the American car and Motown, was first served at Buddy’s Pizza in 1946.

A good Detroit-style pizza has a deep and thick crust that’s also light and airy. If you really want authentic Detroit-style pizza, it’s made by layering the toppings first, then layer with cheese and finish it off with tomato sauce on top.

The pizza has grown in popularity over the past few years. You can find Detroit-style pizza from Brooklyn to Denver to Los Angeles.
I will pass along the discount code in the video to my wife in case we order tonight. Buddy's may be the original, but we've learned to love Jet's.

Buddy's is one of the stars of WDIV/Click On Detroit's A taste of history: How the Detroit-style pizza came to be, but Jet's makes a cameo.

On this National Detroit-Style Pizza Day, we're diving into the history of the square pie and how it came to be such a huge success in Michigan and beyond.
Both Karen Dybis, the author of "Detroit Style Pizza: A Doughtown History," and Wes Pikula, Chief Brand Officer of Buddy's Pizza, appear again in CBS Detroit's Celebrating the history of Detroit-style pizza.

Friday marks National Detroit-Style Pizza Day, a holiday founded by Buddy's in 2021 to celebrate its 75th anniversary.
I found both segments worth watching, WDIV's for the on-location interviews and CBS Detroit's for the more in-depth responses from the two guests. They complemented each other and added more depth to the story.

I return to WDIV/Click On Detroit's studio for Detroit-Style Pizza Bracket winner: We're taste testing some of the best.

It's National Detroit-Style Pizza Day! We're talking about the delicious pizza style -- and trying a few slices, too.
Something clicked for me after watching this segment about Shield's. My colleagues who lived in Southfield raved about the place, but they never conveyed its place in the history of Detroit-style pizza. WDIV/Click On Detroit and CBS Detroit did. As I've written many times before, it's always a good day when I learn something new.

This concludes my celebration of ten consecutive holidays. Stay tuned for some non-holiday posts. How about Randy Rainbow tomorrow?

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