Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Celebrate American Eagle Day with an ice cream soda

Happy American Eagle Day! I begin today's celebration with National Day Calendar's National American Eagle Day on June 20.

Each year on June 20th, National American Eagle Day honors our national symbol, raising awareness for protecting the Bald Eagle. The day also encourages the recovery of their natural environments while providing educational outreach.
That's a history of the day minus only that the American Eagle Association sponsors it, which National Day Calendar mentions on its website. For more about the bird itself, I turn to Animalogic's Bald Eagle: America’s Fursona, a title that I think is too cute by half.

With long, sharp talons, a massive wingspan, and a regal white head, this is one of the most majestic birds in the world. This is the Bald Eagle.
This video shows why I subscribed to Animalogic on YouTube and why I plan on using the channel's video about wombats for Souther on July 9th.

Today is also National Ice Cream Soda Day. Take it away, 8sa!

National Ice Cream Soda Day (June 20) - Activities and How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Soda Day

National Ice Cream Soda Day is celebrated annually on June 20th. This day is certainly loved and celebrated by many people across the globe, ...
Not only is the wombat the animal mascot of Souther, but ice cream is its food — yet more foreshadowing!

That's it for today's celebrations, but stay tuned for World Giraffe Day, National Seashell Day, the Summer Solstice, World Rainforest Day and Detroit-style Pizza Day as I continue my holiday celebrations.

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