Saturday, June 24, 2023

Randy Rainbow sings 'Donald in the John With Boxes'

I asked my readers "How about Randy Rainbow tomorrow?" Then I saw that Randy had just uploaded Donald in the John With Boxes - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody — perfect timing!

Parody of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Parody lyrics by Randy Rainbow
Song Produced, Orchestrated, Mixed, Mastered by Michael J Moritz Jr
Arrangement by Brett Boles
Vocals: Randy Rainbow
Piano, Organ, Synths: Michael J Moritz Jr
Drums: Michael D’Angelo
Guitar: Engineer - Jakob Reinhardt
That's the perfect sequel to Randy singing Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody in Randy Rainbow sings about Trump's indictment while Seth Meyers takes a closer look as well as a comedy follow-up to the more serious LegalEagle explains 'Trump's Bombshell Federal Document Indictment'. It also unintentionally (?) celebrates Global Beatles Day early and National Pink Day right on time. So much for being done with holidays!

For an encore, I present Randy Rainbow for President! (2023-2024 Tour Announcement).

Randy Rainbow, the 21st Century Pat Paulsen, just more musical.

That's it for today's send-up of Donald Trump. Stay tuned for the Sunday entertainment feature, as if Randy weren't entertaining enough.

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