Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Disney resorts' gingerbread decorations for Gingerbread House Day

Happy Gingerbread House Day! As I have the past two times I've celebrated the day, I'm sharing Disney gingerbread houses and other decorations. This year, I'm returning to the gingerbread houses and other gingerbread decorations at Disney's resorts, beginning with Disney Parks own FESTIVE Gingerbread House CRAWL at Disney Resorts.

Are you ready for some mind-blowing Disney gingerbread displays? Come along as we go on an in-depth crawl through 7 Disney Resorts to check out these festive displays. After months of hard work and creativity from the talented culinary teams, these displays are brought to life before our very eyes and are well worth the visit.
Yes, this means I'm using the corporate PR on this post, but I still found the video up-to-date, informative, and entertaining.  I can say that DFBGuide's Tour Disney World's MEGA Gingerbread Displays (And Watch Them MAKE The Carousel!) is also informative and entertaining, but it's from 2018, so it has more historic interest.

Did you know that Disney World creates life-size gingerbread displays every year? Like, big enough to WALK INSIDE?! Yep, we're taking you on a tour of ALL of Disney World's gingerbread displays and showing you how one is actually created!
I found AJ's video even more educational than Disney Parks, which is why I included it. I'm glad I saved it for today. As I wrote in 2019, "I'm an environmentalist; not only do I recycle, I conserve my resources."

I opened 2019's entry with National Day Calendar, so I'm closing today's post with the channel's video for today, NATIONAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE DAY | December 12th - National Day Calendar.

December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day on the National Day Calendar!
That closed the circle and I like closing circles.

Today is also Poinsettia Day, so I recommend my readers click on The histories of Christmas trees and Poinsettia from Vox for Christmas Eve. Happy holidays!

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