Thursday, December 21, 2023

Monstrum on 'Mari Lwyd: The Skeleton Horse's Deep Past with Christmas Tradition' for Winter Solstice/Yule

Happy Winter Solstice and Yule! Like last year, I'm celebrating by sharing the latest video from Monstrum on PBS Storied, Mari Lwyd: The Skeleton Horse's Deep Past with Christmas Tradition | Monstrum.

The coastal villages of Wales around the winter holidays have a bizarre nighttime visitor: a grim skeletal horse who roams the streets with a rag tag group, demanding food and drink from neighborhood families. But is this really a monster to be feared, or one that is rather cheered?
First, I'd never heard of Mari Lwyd before watching this video, so I learned something new. It's always a good day when I learn something new. Second, I enjoyed Dr. Z connecting this monster to both the Winter Solstice and to other European Christmas monsters, including Krampus, who has a video of his own. I'm an environmentalist, so I don't just recycle, I conserve my resources. I'm saving that episode of Monstrum for a future Yule. Finally, I have a holiday meme for my readers.

Stay tuned for more holiday posts. I love holidays!

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