Monday, December 25, 2023

Broken Peach sings 'Sleigh Ride' and 'Jingle Bells' for Christmas

Merry Christmas with songs from Broken Peach! Yes, I've been doing this long enough that every word links to a different Broken Peach post, all the way back to 2017! I begin with this year's holiday selection, Broken Peach - Sleigh Ride (Christmas Special).

"Sleigh Ride" is a light orchestra standard composed by Leroy Anderson. The composer had formed the original idea for the piece during a heat wave in July 1946, and he finished the work in February 1948. Its first performance was by the Boston Pops, Arthur Fiedler conducting, on June 7, 1948. The Ronettes recorded a cover of "Sleigh Ride" in 1963 for Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift for You, which was commercially successful in the United States and featured in various media. The song has since been associated with the Christmas and holiday season.
Like last year's video, this is a new addition to the band's Christmas repertoire. Maybe next year, we'll get "Silent Night," like the band teased last year.

Speaking of 2017, here is the latest upload of that year's Christmas special, which I featured in the first post in the series, Broken Peach - Jingle Bells (Official Audio).

"Jingle Bells" is one of the best-known and most commonly sung American songs in the world. It was written in 1850 by James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893) at Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts. It was published under the title "The One Horse Open Sleigh" in September 1857.
Just as fun as it was in 2017!

I have been neglecting one of my holiday traditions this year, including a drink recipe video. To make up for it, I'm sharing Sleigh Ride Cocktail from Monaco Vodka and Cocktails.

1. One loose handful of mint
2. One egg white
3. One oz honey simple syrup
4. 1/2 oz cranberry juice
5. 1/4 oz lime juice
6. 1.5 oz Monaco Vodka
7. 1 Dash Aromatic Bitters
8. 1 Dash Orange Bitters
9. Shake for 20 seconds with no ice
10. Shake for 5 seconds with ice
11. Strain and Garnish
Drink responsibly!

Finally, as Broken Peach themselves wrote nine years ago, "¡Feliz Navidad! - ¡Bo Nadal! - ¡Bon Nadal! - Eguberri! …. Merry Christmas!"

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