Saturday, December 30, 2023

2023 in review from Vox, Time, and ABC News

It's time for the first of two final retrospectives of 2023, this year's version of Vox, Time, and WatchMojo look back at 2022 with ABC News replacing WatchMojo. I begin with the most viewed, Vox replaying 2023, in 7 minutes.

The year’s already over? Let’s look back.
2023 was dominated by a few big stories: climate change making everything hotter; the Israel-Hamas war; blockbuster movies and concert tours. And during all the massive global shifts, celebrations, and devastation — life happened. Watch this video to remember the major events from this turbulent year.
I may have decided not to write an entertainment retrospective this year, but Vox had that covered in this video.

Vox gave short shrift to Trump's legal troubles, but Time's 2023: A Year In Review, the second most viewed of the three videos I'm sharing, gave it more attention.

Here's a look back on the most impactful events of 2023.
I close with 2023: A year in review by ABC News, which made the official end to the pandemic the focus of its opening.

From the ongoing war in Ukraine to the Israel-Gaza conflict, the world experienced many significant events in 2023.

The devastating wildfires in Hawaii, the missing Titan submersible, the coronation of King Charles III, the House GOP speakership — and much more in U.S. politics — here's a look back at some of the top stories of the year.
As soon as I heard Rosalynn Carter's eulogy, I knew that's where I wanted to end this post.

Stay tuned for a New Year's Eve retrospective followed by next year's versions of My favorite bands in the Rose Parade for New Year's Day and the reveal of my Saturn Awards votes on National Science Fiction Day to begin 2024.

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