Thursday, May 23, 2024

Randy Rainbow returns with 'FORTY-FIVE!'

I concluded John Oliver on duck stamps and octopuses for International Day for Biological Diversity with this program note.
I told my readers "My readers will hear the melody of 'Nine To Five' later this week when I feature Randy Rainbow's latest" in the middle of Marching music for the Kentucky and Oregon primaries — Oregon Crusaders and marching bands. That's next, so stay tuned.
Now that Randy is back from tour, he's putting out new videos. Yay! I'm sharing the ones he's released so far, beginning with FORTY-FIVE! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.

Parody of “9 to 5” (music and lyrics by Dolly Parton)

Parody lyrics by Randy Rainbow
Vocals: Randy Rainbow
Song Produced, Orchestrated, Mixed, Mastered by Michael J Moritz Jr @michaeljmoritz
Vocal Arrangement - Brett Boles

Piano, Synths - Michael J Moritz Jr
Bass - Adam DeAscentis
Drums - Billy LaGuardia
Guitars - Dylan Kondor
Saxes - Ryan Saranich
Trumpets - James Canty
Engineer - Joe Amadio
That's the kind of video I was hoping for when I wrote Randy Rainbow asks 'HOW WILL YOU VOTE?' for Flashback Friday two months ago.

As an encore, I'm sharing Randy's first video after his tour, Randy Rainbow 2024 Campaign Ad.

New videos coming soon…

“Campaign Ad” written by Bobby Quinn Rice and Randy Rainbow
Voice of “Trump”: John Di Domenico
Randy's most important campaign promise was that new videos would be coming soon and, so far, he's delivered. May they be enough that he be nominated again for the Emmys. He wasn't last year, which made me grumpy.
I'm going to whine about two of my favorite previous nominees being snubbed this year, The Randy Rainbow Show and Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out the News. I finally get on board the Randy Rainbow train and it's not going to the Emmys. Poop. Not having both means that laughing at politics and government has diminished to almost nothing in the short form categories.
These two videos made the eligibility deadline, so they might be enough. Here's to hoping and seeing more videos from Randy.


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