Friday, May 24, 2024

'The Daily Show' and Stephen Colbert examine Justice Alito's flags

I haven't focused on the Supreme Court since March 1st, when I posted Colbert, Meyers, and 'The Daily Show' take closer looks at Supreme Court hearing immunity appeal. That was nearly three months ago, so it's time to look at the highest court in the land again, beginning with The Daily Show's opening segment from last night, Justice Samuel Alito Caught Flying Insurrectionist Flags & Haley Endorses Trump.

Michael Kosta dives into Justice Sam Alito's collection of radical right-wing flags hung outside his house, Nikki Haley’s backhanded endorsement for Trump, and daily weed use surpassing alcohol consumption. Plus, Troy Iwata unpacks the meaning of Alito’s controversial flags.
I'm going to repeat what I wrote in March.
I've been expressing concerns over the legitimacy of the Supreme Court since at least the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the rush to fill her seat with Amy Coney Barrett, which I repeated in John Oliver examines the Supreme Court after 'Last Week Tonight' wins four Emmy Awards and CNBC examines 'How The Supreme Court May Threaten Democracy'. This could be another way the Surpreme Court threatens democracy...
Not through "justice delayed is justice denied," which is what's happening to the remaining Trump investigations you should actually care about, especially Trump's Bombshell Federal Document Indictment AKA Donald in the John With Boxes, but through outright bias and contempt for the rule of law.* Stephen Colbert opened Alito Flew “Stop the Steal” Flag After Jan 6 | Trump: Biden Must Take Drug Test | Rudy Gets Served, his monologue on Monday night, expressing a similar sentiment.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito blames his wife for the insurrectionist flag that flew in front of their home after January 6, 2020, Donald Trump wants President Biden to take a drug test before they debate, and Arizona prosecutors served Rudy Giuliani indictment papers at his 80th birthday party.
Stephen updated the controversy in last night's Marijuana Everywhere | Alito Flew Pro-Trump Flag At His Shore House | Trump Says Biden Will Drop Out.

More Americans are smoking weed than ever before, a Supreme Court Justice and the Speaker of the House have both flown a flag associated with Christian nationalism and the Jan 6 insurrection, and Donald Trump thinks President Biden will drop out of the presidential race before November.
Donald Trump thinks Biden should take a drug test and doubts Biden will still be running in November. First, as I wrote in the most tweeted link from the blog last year, Projection is the Right's favorite defense mechanism. Trump projects, so he fits right in. Second, he is displaying his his vulnerability to conspiracy theories, in this case, showing that he's drinking his own Flavor Aid (not Kool-Aid — the common version of the phrase is historically inaccurate) about Biden.

I close with Monday's cold open, Blaming The Wife.

Sen. Bob Menendez and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito are the latest political figures to jump on the trend of blaming their misdeeds on their wives.
Both sides do it? Yeah, only the worst people on both sides.

*That case resulted in more comedy this week, which I might cover tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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