Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Marching music for the Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia Presidential Primaries

Welcome to this election cycle's version of marching music for the Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia Presidential Primaries. It seems that I never wrote one of these for the Maryland primary before despite two chances, so I'm starting here. Besides, Maryland used to have a competitive drum corps, the Yankee Rebels, so I'm kicking off the music to watch and listen while waiting for results with 1994 Yankee Rebels Alumni from one of the at least two Drum Corps Fan accounts on YouTube.

Welcome to the corps' greatest hits. Since this is an unofficial upload, it may not last long, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Moving on to the Old Line State's marching bands, I'm sharing Music City Bowl Performance | December 30, 2023 | The Mighty Sound of Maryland from the University of Maryland Marching Band.

That was a fun show, enough to make me want to watch more of "The Mighty Sound of Maryland."

Follow over the jump for drum corps and marching bands from Nebraska and West Virginia.

Like Maryland, Nebraska used to have a competitive drum corps. Watch 1989 Railmen Drum and Bugle Corps, the same performance, but a much better upload, than four years ago.

1989 Railmen Drum and Bugle Corps

25th Place - Kansas City, Missouri

4th Place - Class A
Let's see how long this unofficial upload from a Drum Corps Fan (a different account than the Yankee Rebels video) lasts.

Now for the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band "Earth, Wind & Fire" 10/23/23.

Performed at NSBA state marching band

That was a fun show, too. I hope the high school band members enjoyed it and considered going to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

I close with bands from today's final primary state, West Virginia. Both of them submitted to the Metallica marching band contest, but neither made the cut for finalist. First, The Pride of West Virginia's submission, Metallica Contest 2023 from James Nick.

The Pride of West Virginia
Metallica contest submission 2023
The band looked and sounded great, but the high camera could have been closer to the field, there could have been a sideline camera for closeups, and the spectators could have kept quiet during the recording.

UHS Marching Band - METALLICA - 2023 Field Show did two of these plus the spectator noise actually helped.

The University High School Hawks Marching Band from Morgantown, WV performs the songs of METALLICA.
Fun show. Better luck in this year's contest, should the band enter it.

That concludes today's episode of marching music for primaries and caucuses. This series should return on May 21, 2024 for the Kentucky and Oregon primaries. In the meantime, stay tuned for the late night talk show hosts on Michael Cohen's testimony at Trump's hush money trial tomorrow.

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