Thursday, May 30, 2024

Jon Stewart devours the fast-food industry, parts 1 and 2

Happy Throwback Thursday! For today's post that will be worth sharing next month, which is only two days away, I'm embedding two compilation videos of classic segments The Daily Show uploaded this month, beginning with Jon Stewart Devours the Fast-Food Industry.

Jon Stewart takes a bite out of the fast-food industry from McDonald's' promise to use chicken without antibiotics, Chick-fil-A’s Appreciation Day protests, and Pizza Hut’s hot dog-lined pizza.
That Chick-Fil-A segment explains why I don't eat there for reasons having nothing to do with their food.

The Daily Show followed up with Jon Stewart Devours the Fast-Food Industry Pt. 2 on May 28th, which just happened to be National Hamburger Day. Deliberate or coincidence? How about serendipity!

Jon Stewart continues to explore the fast-food industry from completely safe and healthy mid-show snacks, to McDonald’s Monopoly fraud, to the disturbing firing of a Taco Bell employee.
Seeing the segment about the McDonald's Monopoly game fraud reminds that that I wrote about McMillion$ when I covered the 2020 Emmy nominations. That was a fascinating documentary series and I highly recommend it.

Watching both of these videos also reminds me that I was not watching The Daily Show then; I didn't start until Trevor Noah was the host during the pandemic. I realize that I was missing something great then and am glad I am watching now.

That's it for the end of May's evergreen posts. I plan on returning with a more topical entry tomorrow, perhaps just in time for the verdict in Donald Trump's election interference/hush money trial. If so, perfect timing! Stay tuned.

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