Saturday, July 16, 2011

Focus on China in this week's CoDominion post

I'm serious about this.
The CoDominion's preparations for sustainability march on, so it's time for an update. From now on, whenever I get enough stories to fill out all sections, I'll post a compilation.
Even though I have only one article and one video, I still managed to cover economy, society, and environment.

Inderscience Publishers via China's competitive advantage
July 5, 2011
Research from Jack McCann of Lincoln Memorial University, in Tennessee, suggests that China could become the dominant economic power within a few years if it exploits the competitive advantages it is creating politically, culturally, legally and economically.

Writing in the current issue of the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management, Jack McCann suggests that China's business and political leaders have long worked to build strong relationships with developing countries. However, it is strengthening of its global political presence that is closely aligned with economic expansion, which could lead to a sustainable dominant position in the world.

The Chinese Communist Party has governed China for the past 55 years and remains secure in its position as the sole political party in China. Despite its seeming inability to respond with ease to changes in Chinese society, the Party has nevertheless witnessed an average annual growth of about 10% for nearly two decades and unique stability during the current world economic crises. Indeed, China's merchandise trade has been growing at about 14%, three times faster than world trade, making China the third largest economy as of 2008.
This isn't at all about cooperation between the U.S. and China, but it is about how China has built itself up to the position where it could actually be taken seriously as a partner to the U.S., including my conceit about it replacing the Soviet Union in a real world version of The CoDominion.

Next, the Chinese work on a biodiversity issue that is also a matter of national prestige.

NTDTV on YouTube: China Begins Panda Census

Expect both of these in a full post on The CoDominion in the future.

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