Sunday, May 6, 2012

Student sustainability video festival, part 1: food and drink

In Mercy Mercy Me, I promised:
I'll have more videos from my students, along with their reactions to "End of Suburbia" in future posts. That will be after I correct their papers.
Their papers were graded and the grades entered last Wednesday, so it's time to follow through.

First up, a video from Lipton Tea and the Rainforest Alliance about Lipton's initiative to grow sustainable tea.

A Small Cup can make a Big Difference-Lipton is buying tea from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. for more information
The ad is classic greenwashing, but it's very well done. Also, it shows that Lipton at least cares about the environmental impact of its plantation crop, which is a step in the right direction. Also, the other students really enjoyed the video and the presentation it accompanied.

Next, Meat the Future's promotion of in vitro meat. Yes, really.

Meat the future is a project that intends to inform people about todays unsustainable and inhumane meat industry. But also give hope for a change as there is a solution in sight, called In Vitro meat.
I'm skeptical, as this is classic techno-utopianism and cornucopianism. However, I'm also a science-fiction solution to our problems, and I'd be hypocritical to shoot down a science-fiction solution to our sustainability issues. As for the student reaction, they were split; some were squicked by the idea, while others listed it as their favorite talk.

I'll have more later, including videos on water, climate change, ozone, and biodiversity. As for the "play" aspect, I could let the jingle for the Lipton Tea promo stand by itself, but I'll let the Belle Stars sing their full version.

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