Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was one of 33 voting for President Obama

I know I promised to post more news from colleges on the campaign trail, but I decided to pull out this item from the draft and give it an entry of its own.

The Detroit News: About 4,000 Dems hold quiet caucuses in Mich. for Obama
May 5, 2012
Royal Oak— More than 4,000 Democratic faithful caucused throughout the state today to cast their votes for President Barack Obama as their Democratic nominee.

Unlike the Feb. 28 presidential primary in Michigan where GOP candidates aggressively stumped the state, the caucuses were a relatively quiet affair with an incumbent president who is uncontested. Obama was on the ballot in February, but it's the caucuses Saturday the party recognizes as the official vote to award Michigan's more than 200 delegates to Democratic National Convention in September in Charlotte, N.C.

Obama received 4,126 votes in Michigan's Democratic Party caucuses and 11 votes went to "uncommitted" — the only non-Obama option. That means all Michigan's delegates will be awarded to the incumbent president who will face presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney in November.
Democrats caucused at more than 200 sites statewide that also served as local party organization meetings. At the Royal Oak senior center, all 33 voters raised their hands in support for Obama.
I was one of the 33 who voted for President Obama at that caucus. I can vouch for the article's accuracy, unlike the last time I was at an event covered by one of the local newspapers. That article from the Detroit Free Press was full of errors, but I digress.

I recommend you read the rest of the Detroit News article, as the most interesting items for local politics with an impact on sustainability are more than halfway through, including visits by two of three endorsed candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court, along with a representative of the third. All of them are women, so they and the Michigan Democratic Party are marketing the slate as "The Three Supremes." Yes, really.

Also, yesterday was a local election day in Michigan. The issue I covered for, the city income tax and millage in Ypsilanti, is headed for defeat. I'll have a story about that result, which has important sustainability implications for Ypsilanti, at tomorrow night. Stay tuned, both for that and for the rest of the sustainability news from states that voted yesterday.

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