Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Video news coverage of Mother's Day, including the segments promoting consumption (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as Mothers Day weekend is one of the busiest days for greenhouses and nurseries, which can mean a lot of sustainable gifts; besides, mom deserves recognition), over the jump.

WOOD-TV has a series of video clips from its Eight West lifestyle show on its YouTube channel. I'm giving pride of place to one that highlights some sustainability-related activities involving wildlife and exercise, Moms, music & birdhouse building.

There's more to the weekend than Mother's Day and races - Maranda has a list of family fun for everyone!
I did mention that Mothers Day is one of the busiest days of the year for garden centers. Here are two videos from WOOD-TV that emphasize that fact. Bring Mom a basket of love points out that flowers are the most popular gift for Mother's Day. My wife and I resemble that remark, as we sent our mom a bouquet of irises and roses. She loved it.

You can't go wrong when you say it with fresh flowers and pretty plants from Feenstra Brothers Greenhouse.
Speaking of garden gifts, WOOD-TV takes its viewers on a magical nursery tour. In case you're wondering where the play is in this post, look no further than this video. Everyone involved is having lots of fun.

Rachael and Kathy Warner take us through a magical journey of incredible outdoor choices to make your space shine!
My only complaint is that they didn't show any fruit trees or vegetables. If I want that, I can go to WXYZ, which showcased the Capuchin Kitchen greenhouse.

WXYZ also gave some suggestions for Mother's Day gifts on its YouTube channel. Unfortunately, their ideas were nowhere near as green, in any sense of the word, as what WOOD-TV promoted.

Mother's Day gifts

To make up for the above celebration of consumption, WXYZ celebrated the act of parenting itself.

As I wrote in the comments to this video, it's my favorite Mother's Day video I've seen on YouTube today.

I should stop here, but I'll add one more video. It won't be Mom Testers on Mother's Day from ABC News; I've posted enough celebration of consumption videos today. Instead, it will be First Person: Why I Breastfeed My Toddler from the Associated Press. It's a reaction to the Time Magazine cover about attachment parenting, which was one of the topics of discussion on today's Up with Chris Hayes.

Katie Hamilton is a mother of two in Redondo Beach, Calfornia. She explains why she nurses her 21-month-old daughter Coralie, and her reaction to the controversial Time magazine cover on attachment parenting. (May 12)
Happy Mother's Day!

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