Saturday, March 26, 2022

Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour is tonight at 8:30 P.M. local time all across the face of the planet, which means that it's Earth Hour as I type this and has already been Earth Hour between East Africa and the International Date Line. Instead of leading off with one of the official videos from the Earth Hour YouTube channel, I begin with Storybook Moments' Earth Hour, A light-out event for our planet - read aloud book.

Thank for joining me as I read to you Earth Hour, A Lights-Out Event for our planet! This book is written by Nanette Heffernan and Illustrated by Bao Luu.
I found that both appropriately written and effective at getting the message to young children. I also enjoyed it, as I hope my readers did, too.

Now for the Earth Hour 2022 Official Video (ft. "This Is Our Time" by Where Oceans Meet).

The stakes involved are high when making choices that will #ShapeOurFuture. But with your support over the past years, we’ve achieved so much for our planet and home. Let's keep making planet-friendly choices and on 26th March, 8:30pm your local time, switch off and #Connect2Earth. Learn more at

Featured song: "This Is Our Time" by Where Oceans Meet
That's the message for this year. Earth Hour 2021 - Global highlights video shows how last year worked out.

This past March, people from 192 countries and territories came together for #EarthHour to show they care for the future of our planet. Millions put the spotlight on Earth and created an unmissable sight on social media timelines and newsfeeds everywhere. We were also joined by public figures and celebrities, such as Antonio Guterres, Pope Francis, Sofia Vergara, Dia Mirza, Park Seo-Joon, Eliud Kipchoge, DJ Armin van Buuren and many more, speaking up for nature to safeguard the health of our planet and our own future.

Join us next year for Earth Hour 2022 - Saturday, 26 March, 8:30 pm local time.
Looks like it was a success.

See you tomorrow for the final Sunday entertainment feature of March. Until then, lights out for the planet tonight!

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