Saturday, March 12, 2022

ABC News and TODAY on 'locking the clock' as Daylight Saving Time begins

I concluded Invasive species riding plastic debris from Fukushima 11 years later by telling my readers "Stay tuned as Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow, a practice Colbert says 'is not helpful and has no upside.'" Anyone who has been reading my blog for the past decade knows that I used to like Daylight Saving Time, but have become much less of a fan of switching the clocks back and forth. My readers also know that I'm not alone in thinking and feeling that way. ABC News reported on that sentiment, asking Daylight Saving Time: Make it permanent?

ABC News’ Will Ganss has details on the new effort in Washington to stop changing the clocks.
That's a succinct yet very thorough summary of the bad health and safety effects of changing times and of the level of support for ending the practice.

NBC News' TODAY had even more on the topic in It's That Time Of Year Again: Inside The Daylight Saving Time Debate.

On Sunday morning, clocks in 48 states will spring forward, causing millions to lose a precious hour of sleep but gaining more sunlight in the evening. The adjustment to the time has many sounding off on whether it’s worth the trouble, including sleep scientists who say by not moving clocks forward, the sunrise and sunset stays in line with our circadian rhythm. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.
Between the two reports, both Senate sponsors got their say, showing that support for "locking the clock" is bipartisan. Also, TODAY gave more time to the pro-Standard-Time side of the debate, which also needs to be aired. As the TODAY clip mentioned, the U.S. tried "permanent" Daylight Saving Time in 1974 and didn't like it. I remember walking to school before sunrise growing up in Southern California and found it a strange experience. It would be worse here in Michigan, where the sun wouldn't rise until 9:00 A.M. during early January. Ugh.

Whether we like it or not, the time is changing tonight. Let's see how long that lasts.

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