Thursday, March 24, 2022

Statistics for the eleventh year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

It's time to review the statistics for the eleventh year of this blog.

As of 11:59 PM EDT March 20, 2022, this blog had a lifetime total of 3,402,674 page views, 5039 total posts, and 3857 comments. Minus the 2,869,693 page views, 4672 posts, and 3622 comments as of March 20, 2021, that means this blog earned 532,981 page views and 235 comments on 367 posts during the past 365 days. This is close to but not exactly the same as the 532K page views and 238 comments that the 12-month stats view on Blogger showed. I suspect the latter includes spam comments that never appeared on the blog. Just the same, the blog once again saw more page views on fewer posts than the 384,773 page views and 411 or 412 comments on 398 posts during the tenth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News, although the comments still decreased. Still, it greatly exceeded the page view goal I set for the blog of 25,000 page views per 30 days, which translates to 304,167 page views if converted directly or 304,410 if calculated using 834 page views per day times 365 days, by 228,814 or 228,571 page views, depending on which I use; upon re-examining last year's entry, I should use 304,167 total (I omitted the 0 last year — oops), resulting in 228,814 over my goal. Either way, I was right to write "I'm not worried" again about reaching my page view goals. I easily surpassed them.

Follow over the jump for my analysis of the past year.

I'm also continuing to succeed at getting move page views while working less. Last year, the blog averaged 966.77 page views per post. This year, it averaged 1,452.26 page views per post, an increase of 484.49 or 52.22%. Page views per day were even higher at 1,460.22, but the percent increase wasn't as spectacular, from 1,054.17 last year for a rise of 406.05 or 38.52% Still, nothing to sneeze at. Because of the success at increasing readership, I am once again raising my page view goals this time to 26,000 page views per 31-day month beginning in April 2022. That translates to 306,129 page views over 365 days and rounds up to 839 page views per day. That's well within what I already did, so I'm not worried. Should I meet these goals by March 20, 2023, I expect to increase the goal for the next blogging year to 25,000 per 29-day month because the 2023-2024 blogging year includes February 2024, which will have 29 days. I can then say I have page view goals of at least 25,000 every month, not just the eleven with at least 30 days.

As I mentioned above, comments decreased from 412 to 238 or 235. Since I don't set comments goals and comments are out of my control, I'm no concerned. However, the decrease is more than I would expect based on posting fewer entries. Last year, I averaged 1.03 comments per post. This year, that fell to 0.65 or 0.64 depending on which comment number I use. Since a lot of my comments are spam and I'm seeing less spam, maybe this is a good thing.

As for my commenters who aren't spammers, I'd like to thank them, beginning with my old buddy Narb Xorbian, who returned after a multi-year absence to leave a couple of comments. Narb, I missed you. I also want to thank Dwight Williams, who I know from Facebook, Twitter, and DreamWidth, and J. Bermudez, who I've met in real life, for joining my commentariat. In addition I want to thank continuing commenters Infidel753, Nebris, the first commenter on my blog, Paul W., and Sarnia Sam. Keep up the good work! Unfortunately, long-time commenters K-Dog, Ranch Chimp, Green Eagle, Allan S, Dave Adams, and my right-wing troll Ed have all gone missing in action, although Liberty Felix left a comment trying to fill Ed's shoes and some people I've picked up from Facebook, Twitter, and MeWe have left single comments trying to take up the slack. Leave more comments and I might mention you next year.

My top four sources of page views maintained their rankings this past year. All the various varieties of Facebook once again provided the number one source of page views with 83,737 between March 21, 2021 and March 20, 2022, mostly from the mobile app. I attribute the bulk of those from promoting my posts at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and the Crazy Eddie's Motie News page (if you're on Facebook, please like the page!). That's an increase from last year's ~82,280. Google again came in second with 10,367 page referrals, a second consecutive decrease from the year before. Twitter remained in third with 3,327 page referrals, down from last year's ~5,040 link clicks from tweets. Thanks to linking to me in his Sunday blog roundups and maintaining the blog on his blogroll, Infidel753's blog continued in fourth place with 2,119, much less than last year's ~3,170, but not enough for it to fall behind Blogger, which provided 1,421 referrals inside the service to rank fifth. It didn't even make the cut last year. Bing rose to sixth with 1,325 referrals, a jump of one place but only about 25 page views since last year. Pinterest fell to from fifth to seventh with 637 page referrals, much less than last report's 2,356. Paul O. Canning's blog jumped into the top ten out of nowhere to rank eighth with 620 referrals. I think that was some bot's doing. RLW at Boat Bits continued linking to my blog last year, sending 396 page views, more than double last year's 149, and holding his ninth place spot. He's doing so in the the new blogging year, linking to my blog yesterday — thanks! Steve M. added me to No More Mr. Nice Blog's blogroll, which was enough for 364 referrals and tenth place. Despite Infidel753, Tengrain, Jon Perr, and Driftglass all linking to my blog at Crooks and Liars, referrals from there dropped from ~1,390 to 268 and its rank from sixth to eleventh place. In fact, Jon Perr linked to my blog today — thanks! Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers who have linked to me. It's good to have friends like you.

I'm adding a note about search terms to my usual analysis. Number one with 244 is "drum corps international," "drum corps" tied for third with 152, and number ten is "marching band" with 24. I guess my interest in marching music is paying off in terms of attracting readers. Number two, "smartphone" with 180, starts another theme in search, together with "technology news" in eighth with 113. The ninth and tenth most searched terms, "stock market Gamestop" with 109 and "US economy 2019 Fox News" with 54 both go together. "Drinks" in sixth with 117 certainly makes sense, given my use of Tipsy Bartender. However, I don't know what to make of "condoms" tied for third with 152 and "moving companies" in fifth with 137. *Shrug* What do my readers think?

Finally, it's time to review the top countries providing readers to my blog. I begin with the annual statistics.

As one can see from the image above, the United States provided the most readers with 236,791, more than last year's ~227,000 page views. Since this is a U.S.-based blog and I write for a U.S. audience, that comes as no surprise. France leaping from ninth to second with 138,445, a huge jump from last year's ~3,410, did come as a surprise. Wow! Unlike tweeting at Greta Thunberg prompting Swedes to read my blog last year, I'm not sure what I did to attract the attention of the French. Whatever I did, I'm glad. Welcome aboard! Speaking of Sweden, they maintained their interest, providing 53,338 page views, very close to the ~53,600 page views coming to the blog from the country last year. It was enough to put them in third behind France. Germany dropped one place to fourth with 18,566, an increase from ~15,400 page views last year. Russia fell from fourth to fifth while still increasing their page views from ~10,400 last year to 18,476 this year. Canada also increased its readership while still being taken down a peg by France leapfrogging over them, going from ~9,590 to 17,665 page views but still dropping to sixth.

From seventh on down, the rankings bear little resemblance to the previous year's, as quite a few countries entered the two nineteen after not being it this group last year or sometimes even ever. Indonesia jumped from one of the countries contributing to Other to seventh with 3,528. Japan, which was last in the top nineteen two years ago at eighteenth, leaped from part of Other to eighth with 3,252. The Netherlands built its participation up from fifteenth to ninth with 3,182. Portugal also rose from Other to round out the top ten with 3,098 page view. Like Indonesia, it had never reached the top nineteen before.

Italy continued sinking in the rankings from sixth last year with ~8,480 to eleventh this year with 2,373. The United Kingdom also dropped out of the top ten from seventh last year with ~6,100 to twelfth this year with 2,112. Turkey returned to the top nineteen after falling out of the all-time top nineteen last year to reach thirteenth with 1,971. It had been eighteenth two years ago. South Korea returned to the top nineteen as well, rising to sixteenth place with 889 page views after placing nineteenth with 369 last year. The rest of the second nine were new, with Estonia fourteenth at 1,843, Ireland fifteenth with 1,362, Romania seventeenth at 717, Vietnam eighteenth with 670, and South Africa nineteenth with 594. The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Turkmenistan, Unknown Region, Ukraine, Argentina, Singapore, Cyprus, and Poland all fell out of the top nineteen to become part of the mass of other countries that combined for 23,431 page views. Maybe I'll see some of these countries in next year's statistics, but not Unknown Region. I'd rather it not return.

Now for the all-time readership numbers by country. The United States has contributed 2,340,769 page views to remain number one all-time, but the top f other countries have changed their rankings. France rocketed from seventh to second with 185,778 total page views to replace Russia as the top international source of readers. Sweden leapfrogged several countries as it rose from fifth to third with 107,825. Congratulations and welcome to readers from both countries. Stick around. Russia relinquished the place as the top international source of page views it held since 2015 to fall to fourth with 100,850 page views. Canada dropped in tandem to fifth with 89,466, as did Germany in sixth with 84,261, and the United Kingdom in seventh with 53,096. Italy remained in eighth place with 35,901. Ukraine also held its ninth place spot at 29,017, practically identical to last year's ~29,000. China dropped to tenth among actual countries with page views essentially unchanged from last year with 13,500 both years. Unknown Region remained ahead of China with 16,786, which, when rounded, is last year's ~16,800 page views. Good, Unknown Region is not being credited with any more page views.

Australia remained in eleventh among actual countries while still increasing page views from last year's ~10,500 to 10,701. United Arab Emirates lost page views from ~7,510 to 7,466 but remained in twelfth all time; Blogger does that to page views over time. The Netherlands moved up from seventeeth to thirteenth among actual countries with 6,272, pushing down Poland, which actually lost page views from ~5,510 to 5,506 since last year, to fourteenth. Indonesia and Japan pulled themselves out of Other to reach fifteenth and sixteenth among actual countries with 5,210 and 5,160 page views, respectively. Brazil and Singapore both fell three places to seventeenth and eighteenth while still increasing their page views from ~4,280 to 4,523 for Brazil and ~3,960 and 4,406 for Singapore. Hong Kong and South Korea both fell out of the all-time top nineteen despite South Korea contributing enough page views to remain in the annual top nineteen. They join last year's dropouts Turkey, which the map above shows with 4,050 total page views all-time, placing it nineteenth, and Belgium to be part of the 296,107 page views from all the other countries of the world with readers of my blog over the past eleven years.

That's it for this year's statistics post. I'll get to the top post of last year for next week's Throwback Thursday. I might post a retrospective on a different subject tomorrow for Flashback Friday. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Ranch Chimp just dropped off the internet a year or so ago -- I don't know why, but it was something he made a decision to do. I don't know about the other disappearances you mention.

    Getting linked from the Crooks & Liars blog round-up also brings me a lot fewer extra views than it used to. These days C&L is so clogged up with ads that it's practically unreadable. It may well have reduced their general traffic and thus the number of people following their links.

    I too have had a surge in page views from France lately. I don't know why that is. It's not a country like Russia that's notorious for trolls or bots.

    1. You're welcome. As long as you link to me, you'll get shout-outs when I do my end-of-blogging-year summaries. I even mentioned you in today's post.

      Part of what's going on with Crooks&Liars is that a lot of their referrals don't show up on Blogger. It's as if the links are no-follow. That written, it looks like the decline is real, even though more bloggers over there are linking to me.

      I'm glad for the French traffic. Bienvenue!