Monday, April 11, 2022

PBS NewsHour examines Arizona's latest restrictions on voting rights

I posted PBS NewsHour on voting rights exactly three months ago, so it's time for an update. Watch as PBS NewsHour asks As state lawmakers tighten voting rules, what will the impact be on the midterm elections?

Arizona’s Republican governor signed a bill last month requiring proof of citizenship to vote in presidential elections. Voting rights advocates say it could impact some 200,000 Arizonans. It’s the latest in a move by Republican lawmakers nationwide to tighten voting rules ahead of the 2022 midterms elections. Jessica Huseman, the editorial director of Votebeat, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.
I am a scientist, not a lawyer, but I think what Arizona did with separating federal from state election registration is dodgy, in more ways than one. Also, if private donors can't contribute to election administration, a restriction Jessica Huseman points out is not necessarily a bad idea, then the money has to come from somewhere. At least the Biden Administration is proposing the additional funds to run elections, but if Congress and the states don't come through, then it will starve election administrators of the money they need. I don't like the idea of that happening. What about you, my readers?

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