Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Samantha Bee updates Ginni Thomas's texts and Alexander Vindman's account of the 'perfect call'

I'm revisiting Stephen Colbert on missing Trump White House phone records and Ginni Thomas's texts updates the attempt to overturn the 2020 election today with Samantha Bee's New Evidence From the January 6th Investigation Continues Not to Disappoint.

Missing emails, a seven hour gap in phone logs, and a text chain to overthrow the election. This season of True Crime: January 6th is riveting!
This was an even more complete and focused account than Colbert included in his monologue last week, so I'm glad I shared it. It also focuses more on the Thomases and less on The Former Guy, even though he would have been the beneficiary of Ginni Thomas's actions. It also gives me another reason to dislike Justice Thomas beyond his history with Monsanto.

Bee also updated Vox explains the phone call that could get Trump impeached (it did) and Time names the public servants who testified at the impeachment hearings 2019's Guardians of the Year with The Spy Who Called Me: Alexander Vindman and the Call That Sparked the Russian War on Ukraine.

Sam sits down with the star of Trump’s first impeachment hearing, Alexander Vindman to talk about the infamous 2019 Trump/Zelenskyy phone call that paved the way for Putin’s war on Ukraine.

This piece was produced by Razan Ghalayini with Adam Howard and edited by Andrew Mendelson.
I think Americans need to be reminded about how The Former Guy's first impeachment related not only to 2020 election and Joe Biden, but also led to Putin's war on Ukraine. Also, I can relate to Bee saying "we all have to be watchdogs against corruption and engage in protecting our democracy at the local, state, and federal level. Oh, my God, why does it end up being the moral of every single piece I do?" That's the moral of a lot of my posts as well and why I turn to comedians like Bee as inspirations for my blogging. It's an important message.

That's it for today's civics lesson through comedy. Stay tuned for another retrospective tomorrow for Throwback Thursday. Natural disasters, anyone?

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