Friday, April 8, 2022

Colbert and others have a good laugh at Zuckerberg saying his employees call him 'Sauron'

I told my readers to "Stay tuned for a Flashback Friday retrospective about Facebook" yesterday. That's because the next two posts in last year's default top ten were about the social media company. I'll get to them over the jump, but first I'm sharing Stephen Colbert's monologue from Wednesday night, New Sanctions Punish Russia For War Crimes | Zuckerberg's Pals At Work Call Him "Sauron".

The U.S. added new sanctions to punish Russia for war crimes in Ukraine, and renowned Tolkein expert Stephen Colbert reacts to news that Facebook employees use a "Lord of the Rings" reference when poking fun at their boss Mark Zuckerberg.
Colbert spent even more time on Elon Musk and Twitter than he did on what Facebook/Meta employees call Zuckerberg. Still, it made for an appropriate video to share today, as the top post about Facebook last year also featured a Colbert clip.

That's not all. The Late Show's cold open was Facebook Employees Have So Many Great Nicknames For Mark Zuckerberg.

Have any to add to the list?

I don't, but Big 102.1 (KYBG) in Lafayette, Louisiana, did in Mark Zuckerberg Says Employees Call Him The 'Eye Of Sauron', complete with a preview image to match.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed what some of his Meta colleagues call him: the Eye of Sauron aka the villain from Lord of the Rings.
That was a hilarious impression of Jeff Bezos as Dr. Evil listing villains both billionaires should be compared to. The only one I thought the DJ missed was Lex Luthor. After all, the same actor has played both Zuckerberg and Luthor.

I have one more recent story about Facebook to share before I look at last year's top posts about it, CNBC Television reporting Facebook tries to turn public against TikTok.

Washington Post Tech Columnist Taylor Lorenz joins Shep Smith to discuss her story about Facebook's efforts to turn users against social media company TikTok.
Now I wonder if TikTok will start calling Zuckerberg Sauron, too.

As a reminder of the importance of Facebook, Facebook knows your political affiliation and much more is the single most read entry on this blog. It includes a meme that I first used in Facebook: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

This is a lesson all social media users should remember.

Follow over the jump for the top posts about Facebook during the blogging year just ended.

Colbert on Facebook's bad day plus '60 Minutes' whistleblower interview from October 5, 2021 earned ~2,400 default and 2,442 raw page views to rank seventh according to default page views and tenth by raw page views during the eleventh year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News. I shared the link at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and Tengrain shared it at Crooks and Liars. Both actions propelled the post into the top spot for October 2021.

'SNL' laughs at Facebook's bad week from October 10, 2021 ranked ninth according to its ~1,810 default page views and fourteenth according to its 1,936 raw page views by March 20, 2022. I shared the link at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, which helped the post become the second most read entry during October 2021.

That takes care of the first of two posts I mentioned that I had remaining at the end of 'SNL' satirizes 'Fox & Friends' in its Supreme Court cold open.
Two more posts featuring video clips from "SNL" landed in the top twenty, 'SNL' laughs at Facebook's bad week and 'Saturday Night Live' returns after winning eight Emmy Awards. I plan on writing about both of them, so stay tuned.
One down, one to go. Stay tuned.

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