Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Randy Rainbow's 'Thoughts and Prayers' on the fifth anniversary of Parkland shooting

I closed Mass shooting at Michigan State University on eve of fifth anniversary of Parkland shooting by telling my readers "I have a song from Randy Rainbow for events like these. Stay tuned." Watch and listen to Thoughts and Prayers - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.

Parody Written and Performed by Randy Rainbow (Based on "Dance: Ten, Looks: Three" by Marvin Hamlisch from A Chorus Line)
Thanks to Randy Rainbow, I now have a better response than Professor Farnsworth and Grumpy Cat memes or throwing up my virtual hands in response to mass shootings. The song makes me cheerful enough to wish my readers a Happy Valentines Day! It also directs my anger to the people standing in the way of reform that would reduce deaths. I find all of these helpful. What about my readers?


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