Monday, February 14, 2022

FiveThirtyEight asks 'How many Americans believe in love at first sight?' for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! I had a last-minute change of plans. Instead of a science video in the vein of PBS Eons on the evolution of the heart for Valentines Day, I am featuring FiveThirtyEight asking Do Americans Believe In Love At First Sight?*

How many Americans believe in love at first sight? How many have been ghosted? In this Valentine’s Day episode of “The United Stats of America,” host Galen Druke quizzes people in New York City’s Washington Square Park on all things love, dating and relationships.
I didn't play, but if you did, how did you do on the quizzes? Were you surprised by either the answers or the questions?

Now for a holiday tradition on this blog, a drink recipe from Tipsy Bartender, Valentine's Day Pink Moscato Sangria.

Raspberry Vodka
Pink Moscato
Luster Dust
I hadn't posted a Tipsy Bartender recipe for a holiday post here since Christmas, so it was about time I did. Happy Valentine's Day and drink responsibly!

*I decided to be a good environmentalist by conserving my resources. This applies to both the PBS Eons video I originally planned for today along with the other Tipsy Bartender recipes for Valentine's Day. Yes, there are more and I will eventually use them.

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