Thursday, February 9, 2023

Closer looks at the State of the Union Address from Seth Meyers, Tooning Out the News, and FiveThirtyEight

President Joe Biden gave his second State of the Union Address Tuesday night. Along with the Republican response, it made for great fodder for comedy and analysis, sometimes at the same time. Watch Greene Melts Down and GOP Gets Caught Lying During Biden's State of the Union: A Closer Look from Seth Meyers to see both.

Seth takes a closer look at the GOP facing blowback for heckling President Biden during his State of the Union address after he accurately pointed out that several Republicans had proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare.
Biden is in no mood for a repeat of 2011, when the Tea Party in Congress served Satan Sandwich to the American people. He was also in no mood to suffer the opposition silently.

Tooning Out The News had even sillier comedy along with some expert analysis in Rowdy Republicans Heckle Biden's State of the Union | Special Coverage.

Tooning Out The News' all-star Special Coverage team tackles President Biden's State of the Union address including Biden's economic message and Freedom Caucus heckling with New York Times Columnist Charles Blow. Plus, Tyler Templeton chastises chickens for rising egg prices.
According to Charles Blow, the Republicans heckling Biden played right into his hands. I think Blow's right. Also, it reminds me that I should write something about inflation again.

"Tooning Out The News" observed that Tuesday's speech sounded like Biden making a case for a second term based on his Administration's handling of the economy, which the President actually has little control over. The panel at FiveThirtyEight agreed, saying Biden's Second State Of The Union Was His First Campaign Speech | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast.

President Biden delivered his second State of the Union address on Tuesday to a newly divided Congress. It was his first big national speech since the midterms and a preview of the arguments he could make in his likely 2024 reelection bid. In the installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses the arguments Biden laid out and where he stands with American voters two years into his presidency.
While this episode of the podcast was supposed to be analysis, it still had its lighter moments. The panelists also worried that emphasizing the economy looks good now, but might not age well, as the economy might experience a recession later this year. I promise to keep an eye on that, so stay tuned.

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