Thursday, February 16, 2023

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Republicans reacting to the Ohio train derailment

As I mention here repeatedly, I'm an environmentalist, so it's about time I examine an environmental disaster one state over in Ohio. Seth Meyers made it easy for me to do so, uploading GOP Blames Ohio Train Crisis on Culture Wars; MTG Says Wind Farms Kill Whales: A Closer Look last night.

Seth takes a closer look at Marjorie Taylor Greene saying whales are being killed by wind turbines all while the catastrophic train derailment in Ohio continues to upend the lives of residents and pose significant health risks.
First, Seth is right to be skeptical of the GOP claim to be a working-class party; their efforts to help working-class voters economically only works through allowing business owners to create more jobs, but not improving pay or working conditions. Socially, it works by promising their White working-class voters that the GOP will hurt the people they don't like worse than the party will hurt them. As Seth showed, The Former Guy made that explicit.

Second, blaming environmental problems on liberal social policy looks like changing the rationale for attacking the same targets the GOP is aiming at already. They're more interested in beating up on the recipients of their ire than actually solving the problems. It also comes off as hypocrisy and projection. That's especially true of what J.D. Vance said on Tucker Carlson's show. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and all that.

Finally, Seth is right that the Biden Administration has been slacking in at least saying something about the disaster, if not actually doing something. I'll leave it at that, as I have to go to work. See you all tomorrow!

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