Thursday, February 22, 2024

John Oliver examines Clarence Thomas and makes him an offer on 'Last Week Tonight'

As I whined about Tuesday and promised yesterday, I'm sharing Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's official season premiere, Supreme Court Ethics.

John Oliver discusses the Supreme Court, the ethically questionable gifts some of the justices receive, and an offer for Clarence Thomas that could ruin John’s life. Genuinely. You’ll see.
Thomas's gift trips should sound familiar, as MSNBC interviews ProPublica about Justice Thomas's unreported vacations paid for by Harlan Crow covered most of them as did Legal Eagle asks is there 'Astonishing Corruption at The Supreme Court?' While Jordan Klepper on the NRA Convention, Clarence Thomas, and AOC and Colbert's monologue examined security leaks, Justice Thomas, and Tennessee expelling two legislators turned this into comedy, it was time that John Oliver and his writers turned their attention to the subject. Thomas and his ethical issues deserve the scrutiny.

I conclude by repeating what I wrote on Tuesday: "I'm sure Thomas won't retire, at least while Joe Biden is President, despite Oliver's generous offer." Too bad.

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