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George Santos sues Jimmy Kimmel and Trump sells sneakers

I know I wrote "George Santos — that's a name I was hoping never to write about again," but the man managed to make himself relevant again as George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel for Fraud, Trump Hit with Bigly Fine & He Drops New Sneakers.

Jimmy got sued by former Congressman George Santos for fraud after we ordered some of his Cameo videos, Donald Trump was ordered to pay $355 million dollars by a judge in New York, supporters have started GoFundMe pages to help pay the penalty off, Donny made an appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia to sell “The Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker,” and all of the American Presidents were ranked by political science experts and Presidential historians.
The hypocrisy of Santos suing someone for fraud just confirms what I first wrote a dozen years ago, Projection is the Right's favorite defense mechanism, although I think that's the least of Santos's psychological issues. I mean, it takes one to know one. Also, he's suing Disney, which has some of the sharpest lawyers in Hollywood. I'm sure they vetted what Kimmel was doing with Santos's Cameo videos and said it was O.K. It's even more hilarious that Santos sued Disney for copyright violation. I'll let TechDirt comment on this.
Over the weekend, Santos actually sued Kimmel, along with ABC/Disney, claiming copyright infringement. Because, I’m sure, Disney doesn’t employ any copyright lawyers who will eat Santos and his lawyer for lunch and spit out the remains into bowls made out of Mickey Mouse.

The lawsuit is not good. The crux is that Kimmel (1) misrepresented himself and (2) purchased videos under a “personal” license instead of a “commercial” one, and therefore this is both fraud and copyright infringement.

It is likely neither.

On the copyright side, Kimmel has a strong fair use claim. He used them for commentary and criticism without harming the market for Santos’ Cameos (in fact, they likely increased it). The fraud part is just nonsense. Santos didn’t lose money out of this, he made money.
Bingo. The only good thing this does for Santos is keep his name in the public eye. Otherwise, he should look up Streisand effect for how this will backfire on him. He runs a good risk of paying Kimmel's, ABC's, and Disney's legal fees.

Speaking of frauds, Kimmel also made light of Donald Trump's latest legal troubles and attempts to raise money off of them. Trump saying that "it's a very sad day for...the country" reminds me that he has long had a very bad case of "L'État, c'est moi." As far as he's concerned, he is the country. He's also the worst president, something I wish I had written for Presidents Day. Oh, well, better late than never.

Desi Lydic had more to say in Trump Debuts New Cologne and Sneakers & Nikki Haley Won't Drop Out on The Daily Show last night.

Desi Lydic dives into Nikki Haley's struggle to remind people she's still running for President, Trump's ludicrous comparisons to Alexei Navalny, and his latest grifts, which include a shoe line and fragrances. Plus, Josh Johnson chats with some sneakerheads to see if Trump's new sneakers pass the eye test.
Nikki Haley is staying in for the same reasons Liz Cheney is opposing Trump: "As I wrote in July 2022, 'In Liz Cheney's case, she'd like her pre-2015 Republican Party back. I doubt she'll get it any time soon, so she'll settle for damaging TFG instead. I wish her luck.' She's certainly doing her best." Too bad her best won't be good enough to win the nomination.

As for the sneakers and cologne, the former is a crime against fashion, even if it's not prosecutable in a court of law, and both Kimmel and Lydic think the bottle for the latter looks like a sex toy. *Snork*

By the way, this Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight should be available tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

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