Monday, April 10, 2023

MSNBC interviews ProPublica about Justice Thomas's unreported vacations paid for by Harlan Crow

I left a note for myself in the middle of James Austin Johnson's 'Trump' hijacks the Last Supper on 'SNL' for Easter when I wrote "This clip covered lots of news, including Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni taking trips on Harlan Crow's yacht and the expulsion of two Tennessee legislators for protesting gun violence, that I should blog about." MSNBC has been all over both stories, as well as a ruling reversing the FDA's approval of mifepristone, which I don't recall "Saturday Night Live" mentioning in the clips I shared yesterday. Huh. I'll get to that story later. Right now, I'm concentrating on Thomas not reporting Crow's hospitality, beginning with MSNBC's latest upload to YouTube covering it, Bombshell Thomas reporting renews call for SCOTUS reform.

ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger joins Katie Phang to break down the stunning report examining Justice Clarence Thomas' lavish, globe-trotting vacations and who actually paid the bill.
That was the editor who oversaw the story. To see and hear the reporter who wrote it, watch ProPublica: Justice Thomas' decades long friendship with Republican donor from last Friday.

According to the report, for more than 20 years, Clarence Thomas has been gifted luxury trips by billionaire businessman Harlan Crow. None have appeared on his financial disclosures. Justin Elliott -- one of the reporters who broke the story -- joins to explain it all.
I'm recycling a passage from CNBC examines 'How The Supreme Court May Threaten Democracy' for the first part of my reaction.
[T]he Supreme Court needs more accountability and transparency. I'm less clear about which reforms Congress can and should implement. The bills for a greater transparency and compliance with ethics rules would certainly be a good start.
That's the long-term structural response to this incident, which shows that these proposed reforms are definitely needed. The short-term response is to ask what to do about Justice Thomas. Should he resign? Abe Fortas resigned for something similar although involving less money, even after inflation. Will he? Ha! No, not unless the situation gets much worse for Justice and Mrs. Thomas. Should he be impeached, convicted, and removed? It doesn't matter, because the Republican House majority will never vote to impeach Thomas. We'll have to wait until 2025 for a Democratic majority. Even then, I doubt the Senate would convict, even if the Democrats retain their majority. We'll just have to outlast him. Sigh.

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